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New Twist

Oh comment spam! My spam blocker detected and quarantined roughly 80,000 pieces of comment spam over the past 12 months. Before deleting the messages, I usually take a quick look to make sure that no legitimate piece was blocked by mistake. Usually there aren’t any. What I noticed was that there have been content trends. For a while, almost all spam was written in the Cyrillic...

We Have A Winner

In a post on May 5th I wondered aloud which of three blog milestones would be reached first. It is sad but true: Akismet has stopped its 100,000th spam comment. That is not the sum of spam comments since the start of Translate This! For most years I used SpamKarma, even after the developer stopped supporting the product. The 100,000 mark is a result of relatively recent activity. The...

The Race Is On

There are a couple of milestones on the horizon: The 700th blog entry The 100,000th piece of spam blocked by Akismet The 8th birthday of this blog (it will enter 3rd grade, so to speak) Which one will get there first?